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Silver Screen Records

Silva Screen2The Silva Screen Music Group is a London based independent record company which is home to one of the world’s leading film and television specialist soundtrack labels, Silva Screen Records. Founded by music devotee Reynold D’Silva in 1986, the group retains a catalogue of over 500 titles and over 10,000 master recordings and has offices in New York and Paris.

The company’s repertoire of original soundtracks spans a wide range of titles, ranging from the Gerry Anderson catalogue (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet), the cult TV series The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe to reissues of classics such as John Barry’s score for The Ipcress File and the music for the cult film The Wicker Man. It also includes contemporary major film successes such as Crocodile Dundee, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Notebook, Blade Trinity, Batman Begins, The Departed, Iron Man, Rambo, A Single Man, Dear John, The Expendables, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Project X and Gravity.

Vinyl (Farbe):
Black Vinyl
Silva Screen
Vinyl (Gewicht):
180 Gramm
First Vinyl Release

North by Northwest

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann)

This timeless 1959 Alfred Hitchcock thriller set a new benchmark for the format across the following decades as the precursor to James Bond and the wide-screen world of larger than life action adventure. Starring Cary Grant, it's the story of a man in peril being pursued across America from New York to Mount Rushmore.

Bernard Herrmann's score for the film is overwhelmingly an orchestral tour-de-force and this release presents the fullest of stereo mixes of the original recordings under the baton of the composer himself. It allows the listener to appreciate the incredible line-up of MGM contracted musicians whose flair across the entire range of orchestral instruments delivers one of the most breath-taking soundtracks ever recorded. Herrmann described it as, “a kaleidoscopic orchestral fandango designed to kick-off the exciting rout which follows". Premiered in Chicago on July 1st 1959, this release puts you dead centre in the best seats in the house to recapture the debut of that musical moment from 57 years ago.

0738572152376SIDE A
1. Overture - Main Title - Bernard Herrmann
2. The Streets - Bernard Herrmann
3. Kidnapped - Bernard Herrmann
4. The Door / Cheers - Bernard Herrmann
5. The Wild Ride / Car Crash - Bernard Herrmann
6. The Return / Two Dollars - Bernard Herrmann
7. The Elevator - Bernard Herrmann
8. The U.N. / Information Desk - Bernard Herrmann
9. The Knife - Bernard Herrmann
10. Interlude - Bernard Herrmann

1. Detectives / Conversation Piece / Duo - Bernard Herrmann
2. The Station / The Phone Booth / Farewell - Bernard Herrmann
3. The Crash / Hotel Lobby - Bernard Herrmann
4. The Reunion / Goodbye / The Question - Bernard Herrmann
5. The Pad & Pencil / The Auction / The Police - Bernard Herrmann
6. The Airport - Bernard Herrmann
7. The Cafeteria / The Shooting - Bernard Herrmann

1. The Forest - Bernard Herrmann
2. Fight / The Ledge - Bernard Herrmann
3. The House - Bernard Herrmann
4. The Balcony / The Match Box - Bernard Herrmann
5. The Message / The T.V. / The Airplane - Bernard Herrmann
6. The Gates / The Stone Faces / The Ridge / On the Rocks / The
Cliff Finale - Bernard Herrmann

1. It's a Most Unusual Day (Source) [Bonus Track] - Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh
2. Rosalie (Source) [Bonus Track] - Cole Porter
3. In the Still of the Night (Source) [Bonus Track] - Cole Porter
4. Fashion Show (Source) [Bonus Track] - Andre Previn
5. The Crash (Alternate Take) [Bonus Track] - Bernard Herrmann

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