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Silver Screen Records

Silva Screen2The Silva Screen Music Group is a London based independent record company which is home to one of the world’s leading film and television specialist soundtrack labels, Silva Screen Records. Founded by music devotee Reynold D’Silva in 1986, the group retains a catalogue of over 500 titles and over 10,000 master recordings and has offices in New York and Paris.

The company’s repertoire of original soundtracks spans a wide range of titles, ranging from the Gerry Anderson catalogue (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet), the cult TV series The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe to reissues of classics such as John Barry’s score for The Ipcress File and the music for the cult film The Wicker Man. It also includes contemporary major film successes such as Crocodile Dundee, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Notebook, Blade Trinity, Batman Begins, The Departed, Iron Man, Rambo, A Single Man, Dear John, The Expendables, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Project X and Gravity.

Vinyl (Farbe):
Red Vinyl
Silva Screen
Vinyl (Gewicht):
180 Gramm
Red Vinyl, Printed Inner Sleeve

Nocturnal Animals

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Abel Korzeniowski)

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival, Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford’s haunting romantic thriller has been hailed as “a tour de force” (The Independent). Nocturnal Animals marks the second film from writer/director Ford, and his second collaboration with composer Korzeniowski. Their first collaboration, A Single Man, earned Korzeniowski his first Golden Globe nomination for Best Score. The score was a breakout for the composer, earning him the prestigious Discovery Award at the 2010 Ghent Film Festival’s World Soundtrack Awards.

Korzeniowski has described his latest score to Nocturnal Animals

as “embracing two extremes, but switching their traditional genre characterization. The crime plot is scored as an intimate, personal story, while the psychological drama is treated as a thriller. The cold and detached intertwines with poignant and excruciating, the simple and intimate becomes grand and bold."


NocturnalSide A

1. Wayward Sisters
2. Exhibition
3. Restless
4. A Solitary Woman
5. Off the Road
6. Revenge

Side B
1. The Field
2. Crossroads
3. Mothers
4. City Lights
5. Table for Two
6. The Field (alt. version)
7. Fairy Tale


“Susan’s story is just as outlandish the story she’s reading, often set to composer Abel Korzeniowski’s Technicolor-melodrama score and occasionally scathingly funny.”
- Indiwire

“The credits sequence is an outrageous grabber: a series of heavy-set women, nearly nude, jiggling in slow motion and leering into the camera like middle-aged burlesque strippers, while music that’s voluptuous and forlorn enough to have been composed by Bernard Herrmann (the score is by Abel Korzeniowski) floods the soundtrack.”
- Variety

“For anyone who hasn’t picked up on the Hitchcock parallels thus far, Abel Korzeniowski’s anxious, string-laden score is on hand to pile-drive the point home.”

- The Daily Telegraph

“...Abel Korzeniowski‘s shamelessly romance-and-intrigue-based score swirls and swoops deliriously...”
- The Playlist

“...composer Abel Korzeniowski once again provides his director with a brooding, sorrowful score...”
- Collider.com

“... to composer Abel Korzeniowski, whose eclectic score runs the gamut from Bernard Herrmann-inspired lush menace to a sequence scored with nothing but the sound of a single heartbeat.”
- The Wrap

“It’s an elegant, classically-informed work which takes a journey from outward beauty to inward terror, doing so while sticking largely to a small thematic base, the composer cleverly developing and even inverting his main theme as the drama moves forward... brilliant music.”

“There’s a lot of impressive music on this short album and Korzeniowski very successfully manages to delve beneath the surface of the characters.” - Movie Wave

“Nocturnal animals is another exceptional score from a composer who has a unique way of writing scores... one of this year’s most beautiful scores and you absolutely should not miss it.” - Soundtrack Dreams 10/10

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