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Limitierte Auflage in blauem Vinyl
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Thompson Twins "Into the Gap"

Der unerreichte Hit der Band: Das 1984er Album als remasterte Version mit neu gestalteten Innentaschen und Liner-Notes von Tom Bailey. Limitierte Auflage in blauem Vinyl.

Von Alex Sadkin und Tom Bailey produziert, ist -Into The Gap- der Beweis, wie sehr die Thompson Twins sich zu einem der großen Pop Acts der 80er entwickelten. Bailey's Dynamik und der massive Einsatz von Synthesizern führten dazu, dass -Into The Gap- ein weltweiter Erfolg beschieden war. Das Album wurde Nummer Eins in UK und Neuseeland, Nummer 6 in Deutschland und Platz 10 in den US Billboard Top 200.

Es hagelte förmlich Singles: -You Take Me Up-(UK: Platz 2 und Deutschland: Platz 24), -Doctor Doctor- (UK: Platz 3 und Deutschland: Platz 11), -Hold Me Now- (UK: Platz 4 und Deutschland: Platz 7) und auch -Sister Of Mercy-(UK: Platz 11).

So wurde 1984 das Jahr der Thompson Twins, denn am Ende des Jahres gab es Doppelplatin in UK und Kanada und Platin in den USA.

Remastered on 180g vinyl with initial pressings on BLUE vinyl.
This is the fourth studio album by the band and originally released in February 1984. This remastered edition comes with heavyweight sleeve and newly designed inner bag.
Produced by Alex Sadkin and Tom Bailey, this set of recordings really shows the band progression into one of the big pop acts of the 80's. Tom Bailey's dynamic writing and use of the synthesizer heralded massive success Worldwide, cementing the bands mass appeal both here and in the United States where the album proved to be the break-through they wanted, reaching no10 in USA Billboard 200.

Far more than an outpouring of commercially driven material, there was huge diversity in its content; much to Tom Baileys credit, and the album was was littered with singles too. From the more simplistic 'You Take Me Up' and the more intricate 'Doctor Doctor' through to the an-themic 'Hold Me Now' and the moving intensity of 'Sister Of Mercy'.
The band had truly made their mark on the scene, the album becoming one of the biggest sellers of 1984.

The band took their name from two characters in Belgian cartoonist Herge's comic strip 'The Adventures of Tin Tin'. Thomson and
Thompson were two incompetent detectives who though not related looked identical save for different shaped moustaches.

With a fluid line up which at times reached upto 7 members on stage, a change in musical direction took Tom Bailey, Alannah Curry and Joe Leway in a more mainstream direction than those of the early days of the first two albums; A Product of...(Participation) and Set which where were far more experimental, than Quick Step or anything that followed.

1. Doctor Doctor (Side 1)
2. You Take Me Up (Side 1)
3. Day After Day (Side 1)
4. Sister of Mercy (Side 1)
5. No Peace For The Wicked (Side 1)

6. The Gap (Side 2)
7. Hold Me Now (Side 2)
8. Storm On The Sea (Side 2)
9. Who Can Stop The Rain (Side 2)



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